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Clover mites


Clover mite is not an insect, a mite is an oval body and flat brown-red to dark red, but could be olive green, too. The mite is extremely small with only 0.75 mm long.



The clover mite is vegetarian, so it feeds on plants like the leaves of trees and shrubs, flowers, clover and grass, especially if well fertilized.


The mite lives in trees, shrubs and grass, among others. It is active in cool weather (spring and autumn), during the warm weather (summer), it tends to remain idle and sleeps.


The clover mite reproduces by parthenogenesis, that is to say, without fertilization by a male, so the female is enough to perpetuate the species. It lays about 70 reddish eggs. The eggs are laid in cracks in the bark or in crevices in dwellings.

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