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Problème de fourmis ? Appelez-nous avant d'en avoir partout!


We work quickly, efficiently and discreetly. Customers’ houses will be treated and monitored for maximum protection. Our residential extermination service includes a quality service guarantee and liability insurance.


Our experience in industrial companies is at your service. Pest control is important, we can help. Quick, efficient and discreet, our intervention includes a guarantee and liability insurance. Our industrial extermination service includes a quality service guarantee and liability insurance.


Let us help you manage your pest control program. No matter what type of business, we have a solution for you. Fast, efficient and discreet extermination service. Our commercial extermination service includes a quality service guarantee and liability insurance.


In the field of agriculture, insects, rodents and small animals can be a big problem. Our intervention is quick, efficient and discreet. It includes a quality service guarantee and liability insurance.

Gérard Corbeil, the first exterminator in Saint-Jérôme

Faced with a problem of cockroaches in his own home, Gérard Corbeil tries to find an exterminator. However, at the time, in 1969, there were none in the territory of Saint-Jérôme. You had to wait up to two months for the services of a Montreal company. It was enough to encourage Gérard to take action. He thus became the first exterminator to work in Saint-Jérôme.


In the middle, Gérard Corbeil with the next generation: Jocelyn Corbeil and Sylvie Morin, current owners of Extermination St-Jérôme inc.


Extermination St-Jérôme inc. is a pest management company whose mission is to help individuals, industrial, commercial and agricultural companies to control and prevent the proliferation of harmful organisms: insects, rodents or others that attack food or property.


Before intervening, we inspect the site, then discuss with you the causes and solutions to stop the infestation and prevent it in the future. Pest management works incorporate various control methods, including the use of pesticides. It is made of rational and safe.


Can we help? 


Extermination St-Jérôme inc. holds a permit to use pesticides. The owners and members of the intervention team, Sylvie Morin and Jocelyn Corbeil hold a pesticide use certificate that has been issued by the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, which manages the pesticide law in Quebec. In addition, the company's pest management services comply with the requirements of Canada Gap, Québec Vrai and HACCP.

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