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Over 50 years at your service

Founded in 1969 by Gérard Corbeil

Faced with a problem of cockroaches in his own home, Gérard Corbeil was trying to find an exterminator in the Saint-Jérôme region. At the time, in 1969, there were none in that city. It took up to two months to obtain the services of a Montreal based company.

The first exterminator in the Laurentians

It did not take much to encourage him to take action by learning to meet his own needs in pest management, and then those of hundreds of people and businesses thereafter. He thus became the first exterminator to work in Saint-Jérôme and in the Laurentians.

The next generation in action

In 1986, his son Jocelyn Corbeil joined him in the family business. Expertise in extermination, pest and pest management has been passed down over the years. In 1999, with his business partner Sylvie Morin, they took over the business and ensured the succession by becoming owners of the company.

Since then, the Extermination St-Jérôme inc team has pursued its mission by providing effective and quality pest management and extermination services and products.

Protect people's health

By preventing and controlling pest problems, Extermination St-Jérôme inc makes an essential contribution to the protection of health, food and public and private goods in the Laurentians.


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