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Drosophila Fly (Fruit Flies)



The Drosophila fly adults are almost 3mm long. It has a light brown to the brown body, its abdomen is short and striped with dark bands. Its tip is dark and rounded in the male, lighter and pointed in the female.


The Drosophila fly feeds on ripe or spoiled fruit and fermented liquids, such as beer, wine, cider and vinegar. They sometimes eat nectar and other sweet solutions.


The Drosophila fly tends to live near the food source and it should not be decomposing, because it is the fermentation of food produced by yeasts that attract these insects and not the decomposition that is produced by bacteria and fungi microscopic.


The female lays about 400 eggs. Eggs are laid in fermenting fruits and liquids so that the larvae can feed on them after hatching.

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