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Polistes Wasps



The polistes wasp measures between 16 mm and 20 mm long, whether it is the queen or the males. This wasp species has no worker caste. The political wasp has the distinctive yellow and black stripes on its abdomen.


The polistes wasp is an omnivorous insect. The political wasp feeds on nectar and insects.


The polistes wasp lives in nests constructed with wood fibre mixed with saliva. The nests consist of a single layer of an uncovered cell with the cell opening facing down. It builds its nest in places as diverse as in a shrub, under the branch of a tree, in the attic, under the ledge and all other protected places. Unlike the other wasps, the queen poliste is joined and accepts other queen poliste to help her in the construction of the nest and its maintenance.


The inseminated queen survives winter buried in plant debris. In the spring, the queen will start her nest to lay eggs there until her death.

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