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White Spot Wasp


The queen is the longest between 20mm and 25mm long, the worker measures between 15mm and 20mm long and finally, the male measures almost 20mm long. The white wasp has a body with the distinctive colours of black bands and white bands on the abdomen, the head of this species are covered with white markings.


The white wasp is an omnivorous insect. The white wasp feeds on nectar, sap and fruit pulp. The larva feeds on an insect that the workers chew on to give it.


The white wasp forms a new colony each year and dies in late summer. Only young, fertilized queens spend the winter. They come out early spring to look for a place to start their nest, it can be in a shrub at 3 feet from the ground as in a tree at 60 feet, a pole or even a house.


Young queens and males mate in flight (swarming), they will spend the winter buried in plant debris. In spring, the queen will start her nest to lay a dozen eggs, eggs that she will maintain herself, then when the nest contains sterile workers, the queen will exclusively take care of laying until the end of summer.

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