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Carpenter Ant



The queen is the longest between 20 and 25mm, the workers are between 6 and 13mm and the male measures almost 10mm. Only queens and adult males have wings, which are used for flight mating (swarming).


Carpenter ants are omnivorous, feeding on animal and vegetable matter in the wild, but do not dislike sweet foods, which is why they can be seen in the house in search of food.


Carpenter ants settle in the house when they find a humid place in the frame where they will begin to dig the galleries to house them. Ants do not feed on wood, they dig in for space needs.


The queen and males mate in flight (swarming), usually in May. The queen's abdomen has a spermathecal, a small pocket, which contains sperm. This small receptacle produces nutrients that keep the seed alive for several years, so the queen can lay thousands of eggs without needing to mate again.

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