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Larder Beetle



The Larder beetle measures almost 8 mm long, of an elongated oval shape, having a dark brown to black colour with a yellowish transverse band, This band is marked towards the center of six black dots (three on each elytron) and of variable form.


As its name suggests, the Larder beetle feeds on animal proteins, such as ham, bacon, meat, dried fish, dry animal food and even the dead body of a mouse or rat.


The adult enters our homes through doors and windows in the spring and early summer or fall to lay their eggs. The larvae are also seen walking around in search of a place to make their pupal chambers. In heavy infestations, they can sometimes be found in sinks, tubs and even beds.


The female lays 100 to 200 eggs on a food source suitable for the larva (see "Food" section above) or in a slot near the food source.

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