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Meadow Vole



The meadow vole is a small rodent measuring 16 cm and weighing approximately 50 grams. Its body is long and cylindrical and covered with hair brown or dark gray, its tail is shorter than the body, its snout is rounded and the ears are small and partially hidden in his coat.


The meadow vole is a rodent herbivore, so he eats grass like turf. When grass is scarce, it can also feed on the bark of tree seed.


As its name suggests, the meadow vole lives in the field or fields where the grass is plentiful. In the spring, it digs a hole to make its nest with bits of dried grass. In winter, it is just the tunnels under the snow but above the ground, which often gives the impression that the ground was plowed when the snow melts in spring.


On average, the female gives birth to 5 young per litter and can have between 1 to 5 litters in her lifetime is quite short, on average 154 days. This life is short because it is hunted by many predators.

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