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Germanic Cockroaches



The German cockroach is recognizable by its length of about 13 to 16 mm, Its colour varies from bronze to light brown and has 2 dark streaks on the pronotum (thorax). It has wings, but it is unable to perform a sustained flight. The German cockroach is the one most often found in homes.


The German cockroach consumes a wide variety of food, even going so far as to eat toothpaste, glue and the likes which have some nutritional value.


The German cockroach prefers warm (21 °C) and humid places, it is found in the house and in commercial buildings, such as restaurants, bakeries, food plants, bars, hospitals, etc. In fact, it is everywhere it finds food easily.


The female transports the eggs to an ootheca (capsule in which the eggs are enclosed) which she leaves in a crack or cracks where the humidity is average (40%). On average, the female will produce about 5 egg banks containing an average of 30 to 40 eggs.

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