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Surinam Cockroach



The adult Surinam cockroach is 18 to 25 mm long. Brown in colour, its pronotum (thorax) is dark brown to black. Its wings are pale brown, except for the almost transparent tip.


The Surinam cockroach feeds on house plants.


The Surinam cockroach is a nosy insect, it lives in the soil of indoor plants, under dead leaves outside and sometimes in atrium or greenhouses.


The Surinam cockroach reproduces by parthenogenesis, that is to say, without fertilization by a male, so the female is enough to perpetuate the species. The female of this species carries her ootheca inside her body and when the embryos come out of the eggs, the female expels the ootheca giving the impression of live birth. The female can have an average of 3 egg cells containing an average of 26 eggs.

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