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Brown-Banded Cockroaches



The male brown-banded cockroach is longer measuring almost 14 mm, while the female is almost 12 mm. The male is pale brown to brown, while the female is darker, they have two yellowish bands on the pronotum (thorax). The female's wings are small and do not entirely cover her abdomen, the male's wings are long and completely cover her abdomen.


The brown-banded cockroach is an omnivorous insect, so it feeds on various foods, which it easily finds in the house.


The brown-banded cockroach can hide anywhere in the house but will have a clear preference for warmer (above 27 °C) and dry places, such as ceilings, ceiling moldings and the motor of household appliances.


The female transports the eggs to an ootheca (shell in which the eggs are enclosed) which she sticks in furniture, under shelves, etc. On average, the female will produce about 14 egg banks, each containing around 10 to 18 eggs.

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