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Black Carpet Beetle



In the adult state, the black carpet beetle is between 3 mm and 5 mm in colour and ranges from black-brown to black. Oval in shape, his head is practically hidden under his chest when viewed from above.


The diet of the black carpet beetle larva is more diverse than its name suggests, as it feeds on animal material such as hair, fur, dead insects and plant material such as nuts, seeds, cereals and flour. Adults eat pollen and nectar from flowers, which they collect in particular on Umbelliferae and spirea.


The black carpet beetle enters our homes through windows, air intakes without mosquito nets, windows that are not well sealed and naturally, by the flowers that you enter from the outside, once inside, the female will hide in places like attic, basement, under and behind baseboards where animal hair and hair collects, etc.


After mating, the female comes inside to lay an average of 90 eggs in places as diverse as behind baseboards, dead insects in the basement and even rodenticides (mouse poison) where the larva will feed on its hatching.

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