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Common Wasp



The queen is the longest between 13 mm and 20 mm long, the worker measures between 10 mm and 16 mm long and finally, the male measures almost 17 mm long. The common wasp has yellow and black stripes and has a kind of black spot on the top of the head.


The common wasp is an omnivorous insect. Wasps feed on sugary materials, such as the juice in fruits. They also eat decaying meat and nectar from flowers. The queen is fed by workers who give her a little bit of everything.


The common wasp lives in nests constructed with wood fibre mixed with saliva. The nests are located in the ground and they can also be hidden under plants in the attics or the walls of the house. The nests are usually found in a sunny place.


The queen of this species survives winter buried in plant debris. In spring, the queen will start her nest to lay almost half a dozen eggs, eggs that she will maintain herself, then when the nest contains sterile workers, the queen will exclusively take care of laying until the end of summer.

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